Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Birthday to Life's A Celebration

Yes that's right folks on 1st November 2012 Life's A Celebration will be one years old!

I can't believe it so please bear with me in this blog post - it's going to be a bit self indulgent!

I have made so many friends over the last year and I thank absolutely everybody from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement over the last year.

So when I was thinking about writing this post I started to think about all the things I have done over the last year and I am absolutely amazed in all the things I've managed to achieve (told you this was going to be self indulgent!)

Over the last year we've launched new products including our Princess Party Boxes (very popular!), our Happy Birthday Party Boxes and loads more.

Princess Party Boxes from only £4 per head

We've run some brilliant 'one-off' party boxes for example our Jubilee Party Boxes which were so popular that I had to pull them early as I was worried that I would run out of stock! We've also worked closely with customers to come up with parties just for them. These included our Gothic Party Boxes (which still get comments so I'm thinking about making them a permanent fixture on the website), Make and Bake Parties, Firework Parties, 80s parties and loads more.

Some of the items in our Gothic Party Boxes - great for teenagers by the way!

I am increasingly getting customers popping into the office to request that I go and entertain at their child's party. The lovely people that I share the building with know very well just how much I love doing this and they love (and I use the word very loosely) my singing and dancing - yes Sara I'm talking about you here!

The move into dedicated premises is probably the biggest achievement of the year. It was a massive decision to take the leap of faith and at the moment it is paying off. Me and my daughter got our home back and I now have somewhere that I can meet customers and just generally have a really fun work space.

So there are loads of people I would like to thank for helping me throughout this year. All these people have been there to help me celebrate all the good things about running your own business and also pick me up when things aren't necessarily going to plan.

Major apologies in advance if I've forgotten anybody but if your name is not on the list then you can rest assured that you are in my heart and I thank you too!

So here we go....................

Gem, Mark, Mum, Keith, Dad, Phyl, Carrie, Juliet, Carole, Sarah Loveland, Sarah Sutcliffe, Malcolm, Charlie, Maria, Paul, Sam, Pat, Martin, Tony, Liz, Janette, Dan, Sara, Michelle, Simone, Anne, Gillian, Abi, Poppy, Pauline, John, Michael, Fran, Simon, Dave, Joe, Sue and all the ITC people, Mandy, all the mums and dads at school, Helen, Theo Paphitis (obviously!), Yvonne, all my guest bloggers, all my twitter and facebook pals and obviously a hugely massive thank you to all my customers - without you this job would be no fun at all and I had loved each and every minute of helping you with your parties over the last year.
And of course last but definitely not least, my gorgeous daughter, who started all this. She's my reason for getting up in the morning (literally and usually very early!).

Party on my friends and don't forget - Life really is a celebration!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

All our Halloween Hints & Tips

We thought you might like to see a copy of our latest newsletter. Loads of Halloween hints and tips!

We have Halloween Party Food Ideas, Halloween Party Music and a downloadable FREE template of a Make Your Own Halloween Cards.

Check out our newsletter now and you'll get all the ideas you need for a fangtastic Halloween spooktacular!



Music for your Halloween Party!

Here at Life's A Celebration we love Halloween - we love to have fangtastic, spooktacular fun! Our Halloween party boxes are proving very popular at the moment with parents up and down the country so today we welcome Martin Deltrice one of the best DJs around (and I have first had experience of this - he made my 80s birthday party an absolute sensation!). Martin's going to tell us about his Halloween Top 10 songs!


Over to you Martin!

Hi there everybody. If you're having a Halloween party this year, I've picked my Top 10 spooky hits. These can be enjoyed by young and old alike and are guaranteed to get everybody in the party spirit (no pun intended!)

Number 10
People Are Strange - The Doors or Echo and the Bunnymen
Definitely a great song to get the party started!

Number 9
Cry Wolf - Aha

Number 8
(You're the) Devil in Disguise - Elvis Presley

Number 7
Amityville (The House on the Hill) - Lovebug Starski

Number 6
The Time Warp - Damian

Number 5
Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

Number 4
Werewolves of London -  Warren Zeron

Number 3
Monster Mash - Bobby 'Boris' Pickett and the Crypt Kicker

Number 2
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.

And of course Number 1 has to go to
Number 1
Thriller - Michael Jackson

So these are my top 10 Halloween favourites. What are yours? Have I missed anything? Let me and Maxine know by posting a comment below!

Don't forget that music can make or break your party! So if you want to get in touch I'm always happy to chat about your next party. Or visit the website!

Thanks Martin for sharing you Halloween top 10! If you're having a Halloween party and you need stress free party supplies then all you need are Life's A Celebration's Halloween Party Boxes.


Friday, 12 October 2012

How to make a Halloween Card

Todays Halloween guest blog is courtesy of my great friend and all round lovely lady Carrie from Press from Design.

Today she's sharing with us a great Halloween craft activity for your children.' How to make your own Halloween Card'.

Give it a try and let us know how the children get on! We'd love to see your pictures too! If you send me the pictures of your completed cards the winner will receive a FREE Halloween party bag! Just email them across to me!

Over to you Carrie

Hi everyone!

I’m Carrie from Press for Design, and for Maxine’s spooktacular Hallowe’en blogs, I’ve designed a fun, customisable Hallowe’en card for you to make with your kids.

It’s simple to make – first of all download and print out the pdf I’ve put together for you (click on the link below) – if you have some lightweight card to print onto that would be fantastic, otherwise just plain copier paper will do.

Make your own Halloween card template

You’ll see that you get two sheets – one is the base of your card, and the other is a colouring in sheet.

Let your kids colour in the details on the colouring in sheet as they like.

When they’ve finished, cut out the pieces for them.  With trickier pieces, just cut around the outer edge of the design a little, as I did with the spider, and then colour in the white paper.

Fold the “Happy Hallowe’en” sheet in half to make the card base, then let your kids loose with the pieces and a glue stick!  They can put their card design together how they wish.

Here’s how I made mine – please send in your photos of how your kids made theirs – we’d love to see them!

Have a spooktacular Hallowe’en!

Thanks Carrie! If your children are excited about Halloween and you're considering hosting a Halloween party for them then don't forget about Life's A Celebration's Halloween Party Boxes.

See you soon my ghoulish friends!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Halloween Party Food Ideas

This month we're celebrating all things ghostly with our Halloween party boxes.
Todays Halloween guest blog comes from Mad Hatter Party Food  If you need some great ideas for Halloween party food then you've come to the right place!

So read on for some great Halloween party food ideas from Mad Hatter Party Food.
Halloween is one time of year where you can really have some fun with the food. At Mad Hatter Party Food we do themed menus to fit with any party, and so seasonal parties are just up our street! I have pulled together a few of my favourites, which are very impressive, but easy to do so you can have maximum impact without spending hours in the kitchen – plus they are great fun for the kids to help you make.

Sausage Mummies

Simply cut some hot dog sausages in half and wrap the top and bottom with a thin ‘bandage’ of puff pastry, make a couple of holes for eyes and add a small ball of the pastry, and make a smiley face then bake for 10-15 mins. You can vary these by adding a very thin layer of Dijon mustard and grated cheese to the inside of the ‘bandage’.



Finger Buffet Sandwiches

These are great – take some bread and make finger shapes. Add lines along the fingers for the creases and then use a little cucumber skin to make the finger nail. If you want to make them gory you could add strawberry jam or tomato ketchup to the base of the fingers to make them look like they have been cut off.


Halloween shapes

When I was a little girl I used to love making marzipan fruit, so I had an idea for something a little retro – marzipan Halloween shapes! You can buy the marzipan from most supermarkets and colour it with a little food colouring (paste colours are less messy), then shape them into anything you’d like. If you don’t fancy doing this with marzipan, they would work just as well with fondant icing, which you can also buy ready made at supermarkets – you can even get it ready coloured to save some time. These can also be used as very impressive cupcake toppers – just make a simple cupcake and stick a shape on the top. These can be made in advance so saves any last minute panics.



Halloween biscuits

These are very simple to make, but can be so impressive. You can pick up Halloween cutters quite cheaply in most supermarkets at this time of year. Make a simple vanilla biscuit recipe and cut the biscuits into your Halloween shapes. When they are cooled cut out shapes with the same cutters in fondant icing, stick these to the top of the biscuits using edible glue or a sugar and water solution, and then finish off with as many additional shapes or details as you would  like.



Jellies and worms

You can get some nice jelly worm sweets which you can add into green jellies to make them look scary and fun – really easy, just let the jelly start to set for about 2 hours before you put them in so they are suspended in the jelly - what child wouldn’t want to tuck in!



Ghostly Meringues

These couldn’t be easier – simply buy some mini meringue shells and then add eyes – either with an edible pen, or with some fondant or piped icing – and you have instant ghouls!



For more fun party food, cakes and cupcakes visit www.madhatterpartyfood.co.uk
Massive thanks to Sarah from Mad Hatter Party Food Some brilliant ideas and, as always, we want to know how you get on with making them!
You can connect with Sarah on twitter @madhatparty and on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/madhatterpartyfood 
Don't forget if you are having a Halloween spooktacular you can get all the party supplies you need in our fangtastic Halloween party boxes!
Speak to you soon my friends.


Sunday, 7 October 2012

Halloween party boxes!

Hi there everybody,

Really quick blog post today just to let you know that we have our Halloween party boxes all ready for you!



These party boxes are ideal if you're looking to have a Halloween party but you don't have the time or the resources to trawl the internet and shops for ideas and supplies.

They come in sizes of 10 guests, 20 guests and 30 guests. Each box contains plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, spider web decorations, spooky hanging string decorations, snack trays, party bags for everybody to take home, cupcake kits, a pack brimming with ideas of ghoulish games to play and some Halloween party food ideas!

Prices start at just £50 and you can buy on the Halloween page on our website!

Or if you just want Halloween party bags then ours come with spooky pop ups, horror heads candy, halloween bubbles and a scary eyeball. All this for just £2.25 each. Again just visit the Halloween page to purchase.

Please, please watch our video too (and no before you ask that's not me doing a witches cackle!!!).

We have some more Halloween related guest bloggers on there way this month. Including Mad Hatter Party Food sharing their Halloween party food ideas, radio DJ Martin Deltrice sharing his Halloween Hit Parade Top 10 and Carrie Dennison from Press for Design sharing some Halloween craft ideas for the kids. So keep watching!

We're here to make your Halloween spooktacular fangtastic. You'd be batty to miss out! If you would like me to send you some Halloween games ideas then all you need to do is email me and I'll happily send you a games pack!



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