Monday, 14 May 2012

A Guest on Monday - Fiona Sharp

Today's guest blogger is Fiona Sharp an Independent Phoenix Trader. Have a read about what she had to say about  

Oh no! Another last minute party invite found in the school bag!

Does that sound familiar to you?

That is exactly why I became an independent phoenix trader......does that sound like a drastic step to take?

All the products are fantastic quality and when I tried to pick one for this blog it was agony but after much debate I picked the poster tubes!

The colouring in posters are stunning, suitable for boys and girls across a wide age group.  They make a fantastic birthday present, a gift to a sick child stuck in the house, or just a rainy day solution! Great quality and only £6 per tube!

The colouring in posters come in three different packs. You get four A3 posters in each pack. These keep the kids busy for days!
Champion sports pack as the following four designs included:


Swimming – our personal favourite



This pack is suitable for both boys and girls, so really versatile! Also very popular in Olympic year!

There is also a boys packs which contains the following designs:



Under the sea.

Finally, the girls pack contains:

Mermaids – another personal favourite in our house


Girls Baking

Ponies’ Fair.

At first I thought I would just buy for my own benefit a few times a year to keep on top of the constant demand for cards, wrap and gifts. That was short lived as I was constantly talking about the products to friends and they were admiring them when they received the cards and gifts so before I knew it I had a steady stream of orders each month.  It might sound corny but these products sell themselves.
The benefit was that I now had in the house a steady supply of great quality cards, gift wrap and one of my personal favourites the tubes of the colouring posters. So did all my friends, we were a super organised bunch!

Now my children could produce a party invite on the Friday night after school and there was no last minute dash to the shops – RESULT!

Phoenix is low cost to join £30 and you make a very good commission from day one no matter how much you buy and sell. No targets, no pressure – just do it at your own pace whenever you want.

I really enjoy dealing with phoenix and selling their fantastic products to all my lovely friends, why not give it a go?

For more information please contact me via my website:

Pop across and visit Fiona's site and take a look at her fantastic products or if you would like to know more about selling these products.

Don't forget about Life's A Celebration too for all your party supplies!

Keep smiling


Thursday, 10 May 2012

My 80s birthday party

Well my friends, after months of preparation my birthday party has come and gone. I can safely say it was the bext party ever! For anybody that was in attendance feel free to leave a comment to confirm this!!

The day of the party started with me frantically baking vol-au-vents. I had organised for a Pie and Peas man to arrive for the party instead of the usual buffet but I also wanted a table of really naff 80s food. So on this table there was things like vol-au-vents (or volly vonts as the man in the supermarket kept calling them!), wagon wheels, choc dips, love hearts, refreshers, monster munch, sausages on sticks and cheese and pineapple on sticks (in the obligatory foiled covered potato!).

Party food
Party food

In the afternoon me and my friend Carrie put up posters on the walls, blew up balloons and arranged the prizes and party bags on the tables. Then we waited for the DJ to arrive and then the guests to arrive. The party started at 7 o clock so I did the usual pacing up and down last minute panic fearing that nobody was going to turn up. Anyway at about 7:20 the first of the guests started to arrive and the evening began.

Posters for the walls!

Everybody turned up in 80s fancy dress costume and I was absolutely blown away by the effort that everybody had made. I really do have an incredible set of friends.

It's Bananarama

Cyndi Lauper and Carrie wearing original 80s clothing

It's Indiana Jones at the bar!

Crimped hair and Madonna

Yes that is Obi Wan Kenobi dancing!!
There was even an awards ceremony. The prizes were highly coveted and you'll see why if you look at the pictures below.

There were cassette tapes, VHS videos, a cup from 1988 to celebrate the arrival of the first child of the Duke and Duchess of York, a Jackie annual from 1983, a slinky and a book all about the TV programme Bread (and loads more!). I'm sure you will agree there really were some fabulous prizes on offer!

Me with Tom Cruise in Top Gun

After the awards followed an evening of intense dancing. The DJ (Martin Deltrice) was absolutely amazing - he kept brilliant 80s music playing all night and really kept everybody in the party spirit.

We also had cake - well the most enormous rubiks cube cake! This was courtesy of Briary Sugarcraft Supplies and was totally fab!

No party is complete either without the party bags. Why should party bags be reserved for children only?? So everybody left my party with a party bag complete with sweets and a yo yo.

All in all it was a fantastic party. Here are just some of the many comments that people made about it:

"This has been the best party ever"
"Had a really good night, haven't danced so much in ages."
"Thanks for a fab night. We had a great time"
"Just wanted to say great party fab night everyone looked brill. We all really enjoyed it"

So if you want a great party and you don't know where to start then all you need to do is drop me a line, pick up the phone or give me a skype call and together I know we can come up with something brilliant for you!

Life's A Celebration is here to help you with your next party so pop across and have a look at the website. If you can't find what you're looking for then just get in touch with me directly and I will discuss your requirements with you personally.

So you'd think I'd be despondent now knowing that it's all over for another year - but think again as I'm busy organising the next party for October time entitled "Now That's What I Call A Party". Let me know if you want an invite!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Planning my own birthday party (Part 4)

Hi there everyone,

Well it's nearly here. All the planning for the birthday party is coming together nicely and I can't believe it's actually going to be the party on Friday.

As you probably know the theme is 1980s so I've put together a wonderful outfit. I have a MASSIVE perm wig which unfortunately is more Brian May then Cher. This is teamed with an outfit of a black bat wing off-the-shoulder jumper, shorts with neon square all over them, neon pink patent leather stilletos with the obligatory neon orange leg warmers. Needless to say I look gorgeous and I will make sure some photos are posted on here after the big event.

There's going to be prizes for Best Dressed Woman, Best Dressed Man, Best Dressed Couple, Best Hairstyle, Best 80s Dancing and lots more. I have sourced some of the best prizes including a Jackie annual from 1983, a T'Pau cassette and a Jane Fonda VHS video. There are lots more prizes but this gives you an idea of how naff I am taking this.

I am half way through putting the party bags together. This is a job I absolutely love doing and I am making sure that Life's A Celebration is getting plenty of mentions in them. Obviously might as well get some advertising out of this!!

I have organised for the Pie and Peas man to turn up at 8:30 (I've opted for something that's not a buffet to feed my guests) however I have also organised for the tables to be covered in lots of cheese and pineapple on sticks, sausages on sticks, vol-au-vents (of course!) Ferrero Rocher (because I'm spoiling you!), Choc Dips and lots of other retro goodies.

I've also got some posters for my Wall of Dreams. Here are some of the images that I have turned into posters.

What do you think?

The DJ is primed and ready to go with classics such as this.

All in all I think I'm nearly there.

Next time we speak the party will be over and I will be able to share with you all the photos. If you need any inspiration for your next 'do' just get in touch - always happy to help.

Keep smiling my friends.




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