Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Planning my own birthday party (Part 4)

Hi there everyone,

Well it's nearly here. All the planning for the birthday party is coming together nicely and I can't believe it's actually going to be the party on Friday.

As you probably know the theme is 1980s so I've put together a wonderful outfit. I have a MASSIVE perm wig which unfortunately is more Brian May then Cher. This is teamed with an outfit of a black bat wing off-the-shoulder jumper, shorts with neon square all over them, neon pink patent leather stilletos with the obligatory neon orange leg warmers. Needless to say I look gorgeous and I will make sure some photos are posted on here after the big event.

There's going to be prizes for Best Dressed Woman, Best Dressed Man, Best Dressed Couple, Best Hairstyle, Best 80s Dancing and lots more. I have sourced some of the best prizes including a Jackie annual from 1983, a T'Pau cassette and a Jane Fonda VHS video. There are lots more prizes but this gives you an idea of how naff I am taking this.

I am half way through putting the party bags together. This is a job I absolutely love doing and I am making sure that Life's A Celebration is getting plenty of mentions in them. Obviously might as well get some advertising out of this!!

I have organised for the Pie and Peas man to turn up at 8:30 (I've opted for something that's not a buffet to feed my guests) however I have also organised for the tables to be covered in lots of cheese and pineapple on sticks, sausages on sticks, vol-au-vents (of course!) Ferrero Rocher (because I'm spoiling you!), Choc Dips and lots of other retro goodies.

I've also got some posters for my Wall of Dreams. Here are some of the images that I have turned into posters.

What do you think?

The DJ is primed and ready to go with classics such as this.

All in all I think I'm nearly there.

Next time we speak the party will be over and I will be able to share with you all the photos. If you need any inspiration for your next 'do' just get in touch - always happy to help.

Keep smiling my friends.



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