Monday, 30 April 2012

A Guest on Monday - Bridget Wilson Hall

Today's Guest on Monday is the lovely Bridget Wilson Hall from Arbonne. Here's what Bridget had to say.

"Guess what the news is in our house?!

No, it's not me who's pregnant, it's my daughter...

And talking to Maxine about what I would write about in my guest blog I suddenly realised that instead of trying to “think up something” I could write about, I could do what they always tell you you should do in a blog – write about what you know.

Suddenly I can see so many connections in my life, between my home life as the mother of a young woman who is expecting her first baby, (I'M GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!! - excuse my shouting but I am VERY excited!), a business woman, and a priest. What?! You may say, how on earth can you connect those? And add in Life's a Celebration into the bargain?...

 Well, let me tell you a little bit more about myself (did I mention that my daughter is pregnant?!)... My business is Arbonne International, and we sell the answers to people's skincare issues... And the newest skincare issue in my family is the skin of my new grandchild. As you will know if you have been a parent, once you know you are preparing for the birth of a baby, you want to provide only the best for the baby, in every aspect, from feeding to the pram. And believe me, as a Grandma to be, this feeling is massively magnified.

As a skincare consultant with Arbonne I ask people to think about what they are putting on their skin as much as what they put in their mouths when they choose healthy eating. Many of the best known skincare products contain by-products of the petrochemical industry (look for mineral oil in the ingredients) as well as animal by-products, or are tested on animal. Our products are only tested on human volunteers and are certified vegan, with no petrochemical ingredients.

This is what I want for our baby! A nappy cream that uses zinc oxide, with its deodorizing and antibacterial properties, avocado and peach. A baby oil that instead of mineral oil uses safflower, sunflower, jojoba, soybean and shea butter oils... Wouldn't you? 

If you're waiting to hear about my life as a priest, let me direct you to My favourite day as a priest was doing a blessing ceremony for my next door neighbour's 2 year old daughter. Can you imagine the celebration over my grandchild?!  

We will certainly be using Maxine's site for our party in a box – be it baby shower (with lots of Arbonne skincare on the list!) or christening... 

You can find out more about all our solutions for skincare issues from baby care to the signs of ageing at"

Hope you like what Bridget has to say. I think we should all join together in wishing Bridget congratulations on finding out that she's going to be a Grandma. Please post your messages below. Don't forget that if you've found out that you're going to be a Grandma then why not look at our delightful baby shower party boxes.

Speak to you all soon.


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