Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Happy Birthday to Life's A Celebration

Yes that's right folks on 1st November 2012 Life's A Celebration will be one years old!

I can't believe it so please bear with me in this blog post - it's going to be a bit self indulgent!

I have made so many friends over the last year and I thank absolutely everybody from the bottom of my heart for all the support and encouragement over the last year.

So when I was thinking about writing this post I started to think about all the things I have done over the last year and I am absolutely amazed in all the things I've managed to achieve (told you this was going to be self indulgent!)

Over the last year we've launched new products including our Princess Party Boxes (very popular!), our Happy Birthday Party Boxes and loads more.

Princess Party Boxes from only £4 per head

We've run some brilliant 'one-off' party boxes for example our Jubilee Party Boxes which were so popular that I had to pull them early as I was worried that I would run out of stock! We've also worked closely with customers to come up with parties just for them. These included our Gothic Party Boxes (which still get comments so I'm thinking about making them a permanent fixture on the website), Make and Bake Parties, Firework Parties, 80s parties and loads more.

Some of the items in our Gothic Party Boxes - great for teenagers by the way!

I am increasingly getting customers popping into the office to request that I go and entertain at their child's party. The lovely people that I share the building with know very well just how much I love doing this and they love (and I use the word very loosely) my singing and dancing - yes Sara I'm talking about you here!

The move into dedicated premises is probably the biggest achievement of the year. It was a massive decision to take the leap of faith and at the moment it is paying off. Me and my daughter got our home back and I now have somewhere that I can meet customers and just generally have a really fun work space.

So there are loads of people I would like to thank for helping me throughout this year. All these people have been there to help me celebrate all the good things about running your own business and also pick me up when things aren't necessarily going to plan.

Major apologies in advance if I've forgotten anybody but if your name is not on the list then you can rest assured that you are in my heart and I thank you too!

So here we go....................

Gem, Mark, Mum, Keith, Dad, Phyl, Carrie, Juliet, Carole, Sarah Loveland, Sarah Sutcliffe, Malcolm, Charlie, Maria, Paul, Sam, Pat, Martin, Tony, Liz, Janette, Dan, Sara, Michelle, Simone, Anne, Gillian, Abi, Poppy, Pauline, John, Michael, Fran, Simon, Dave, Joe, Sue and all the ITC people, Mandy, all the mums and dads at school, Helen, Theo Paphitis (obviously!), Yvonne, all my guest bloggers, all my twitter and facebook pals and obviously a hugely massive thank you to all my customers - without you this job would be no fun at all and I had loved each and every minute of helping you with your parties over the last year.
And of course last but definitely not least, my gorgeous daughter, who started all this. She's my reason for getting up in the morning (literally and usually very early!).

Party on my friends and don't forget - Life really is a celebration!


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  1. Aw, Maxine, this is wonderful blog! Congratulations on a fun-filled and very successful year. You can only go to great places from here so good luck from me and I'm really looking forward to our future collaborations!



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