Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Make and Bake Party Boxes

Hi there everybody,

I was hoping you would be able to help me!

If you're a parent could read this article and tell me whether you think this is a party idea that your children would like? I would be most grateful.

"Make & Bake Kids Party Boxes"
These would come with plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths, plain aprons and fabric pens to decorate them, all the food ideas and cooking instructions, games with prizes, balloons, banners, music and party bags.

The party would last 2 hours and the structure of it would be as follows;

Allow the children to arrive and perhaps play a game of musical statues (or similar) to get them in the party mood.

The children then decorate their aprons. In my experience some children have a longer attention span than others so make sure that if some children have finished this then you have the music to hand and they can dance whilst the other children are finished decorating.

Split the children into 3 or 4 groups and rotate them round the kitchen. So one group makes pizzas, another makes chocolate crispies, another decorates cupcakes and another makes cookies (these are example types of foods and all suggestions gratefully received!). Once they've all finished their activity then they all rotate to the next activity. This does take some supervision so maybe rope some of the parents into staying and helping!

Whilst the food is cooking play a variety of games (the party box will come with all the instructions and prizes).

Sit and eat the food.

If there's time play another game and then by this time the parents should be arriving. Children leave with their filled party bags and a big smile on their faces.

You collapse in a heap with a glass of wine in your hand.

What do you think of this as an idea? Would love to hear your thoughts! If you would like to see my other party boxes then please get in touch maxine@lifesacelebration.co.uk

Thanks everyone.

Keep smiling



  1. I like the idea Max! It would also work well as a Cub/Beaver activity (they LOVE cooking)

  2. Thanks Sarah. Really appreciate the feedback! Great idea about the cubs/beavers!

  3. Would go down well without a doubt! Quite a few cupcake companies already offer this sort of package and it works well.

  4. Thanks Chantel! I've been busy costing it out this morning and with all the positive feedback it's got I'm certain it's going to be a popular one!

  5. Great idea, but perhaps a bit optimistic! To have that may groups cooking in one kitchen would take a lot of organising (and a lot of prepared ingredients!)!

  6. Good point. You're not alone in what you say! I did one of these parties on Saturday and there were 12 kids in a village hall and we did need a couple of parent helpers. But the kids LOVED it and are still talking about it in the playground.
    I've been working on this box today and will probably offer it for smaller parties at home and therefore make it less complicated so maybe just two groups; one doing pizzas and one decorating cupcakes.
    Then I'll probably offer it as a larger box for those people in a village hall or cubs/beavers groups etc.



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