Thursday, 1 March 2012

Planning my birthday party (Part 1)

Unbelievable as it is; I actually turn 35 this year. I know it's incredible isn't it??

Anyway I figured in my line of work it would be churlish of me not to organise a big birthday bash so all my friends can help me celebrate!

So this is my first blog post about planning my birthday party. Over the course of the coming weeks I will keep you updated with the planning and preparations! The party is booked for 4th May (that's Star Wars day - May the 4th be with you!) and it's been decided by a committee (i.e. me) that it's going to have a 1980s theme.

So tomorrow I will be going to have a look at the venue which I have provisionally booked. I am a bit worried because I've been told that it holds up to 150 people. I don't even know 150 people so I have a feeling that when 10 people turn up I might look like a bit of a No Mate Nelly!!!

The DJ is booked and he has been heavily briefed that it is to be a night of pure cheese! Although mental note I must let him know that the date has changed!

I have the invites sorted in my brain. As it is 80s fancy dress, the invites will have loads of suggestions on them of what people could wear.

There's also going to be awards for Best Dressed Man/Woman, Best Dressed Couple, Best Hairstyle (personally I'm hoping some mullets turn up!) etc etc.

So anyway I will keep you all fully briefed with how it's all progressing and if you want an invite then just let me know..................(I have a massive venue to fill!).

Before I go I thought it wouldn't be right not to provide you with some classic 80s sights!

Enjoy my friends!

Keep smiling


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