Friday, 9 March 2012

Hints & Tips for Kids Parties at Home

Are you thinking about having a children's party at home? There seems to be an increasing trend towards doing this. My daughter went to a party at her friends house the other day and she ABSOLUTELY loved it! So ditch the soft play party idea and do something at home with your children. I know that they will love it and it's these things that make lasting memories for them!

So my top 5 tips  for having a house party would be; 
1. Don't stress!
Don't think about what little Jimmy down the street had for his birthday extravanganza! Kid's parties should not be about 'keeping up with Joneses'. How many times have you stood in the play ground silently thinking that some children's parties seem to be more for the parents than they do for the kids? If you want to hold a house party and invite a handful of children then do just that. You don't need fancy surroundings or the most expensive entertainer in town. All kids want is good old fashioned fun!

2. Don't worry about the mess!
I know I know it's easy for me to say - I'm not the one that has to tidy it up. But if the kids feel like they can't play without you stood behind them constantly picking up after them they'll be a lot more relaxed and they'll enjoy it a lot more!

3. Have a relaxed but structured format.
What does that mean? Well, know what games you can play before the children arrive, know when they're going to eat, know when you will do the craft activities etc. But if all the children just want to play on the wii then let them. Don't try and enforce 'fun' on them because they'll spot it a mile off and will immediately stop enjoying themselves. Just make sure everybody is involved and if some want to do one thing and others want to do something else that's when your structured format comes into play. It is a very fine line between letting them know who's boss and letting them run amok. (Click here if you want me to send you a free games pack)

4. Don't expect that all the children will be happy all the time.
There will be tears, there will be tantrums. You will have to tell your child off for showing off in front of their friends. This is all completely normal!! It doesn't mean that the children are enjoying themselves any less. My suggestion is to give them a sweet and move onto the next activity or the next dance.

5. Have a large glass of wine waiting for you when all the children have gone home!
This is when the tidy up operation begins but I can guarantee you will get a giant hug off your child telling you that you are the best parent ever. Now all you have to do is enjoy all the fun again this time next year........................

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