Saturday, 24 March 2012

We've moved!

Hello everybody!

We've moved! We now have our own little party office and I have my house back!

Here's my welcome video for you all to enjoy!

I shall be regularly posting update videos for you all to enjoy! It's a chance for you to see our great party products and see me demonstrating them. Then you know exactly what you're getting when you receive a party box or party bags from us.

Don't forget we have a 3 step simple party process;
1) Choose your party box from our range
2) Receive your party box
3) Enjoy the party!
It's easy peasy.

Pop by the website and see just how fantastic our products are! Want to chat to me then just drop me a line.

Keep smiling my friends



  1. it is lovely to get you house back isn't it! Where about is your office?

  2. Hi Laura,
    Yes it's fab! I feel like the lady from a Squash and a Squeeze (if you know the Julia Donaldson book!)
    The office is near Consett. Really handy as it's near my house and I can bring the dog!!



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