Monday, 26 March 2012

Totally obsessed with videos!

Hi there everybody,

Well I'm nicely ensconsed in my office and settling in (need to unpack some boxes though!).

Today I want to tell you all about my latest obsession - making videos!

I've made a video of our Jubilee party boxes


I made the Jubilee video over the weekend. What do you think?

This morning I've made one to show you all my girls party bags. Again, what do you think? (Don't look at the face I'm pulling below!)

So what do you think about my first few attempts at video making??

If you're looking for boys party bags too then I will be making a 'Boys Party Bags' video very soon.

Don't forget that we don't just do party bags - we can box up an entire kids party and send it out to you. These videos will follow too!!

Any comments and feedback you want to make then please get in touch.

Keep smiling everybody.


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