Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Planning my birthday party (Part 2)

Well to follow on from Planning my Birthday Party Part 1, I though I'd give you all a quick update on where I am with my birthday party prep. As you may or may not know I'm planning an 80s extravaganza for the 'do' with lots of cheesy music and (hopefully) fun and laughter.

I have now been to the venue and seen it! It's just what I want. There's an enormous dance floor which is great because I genuinely intend to do a lot of dancing all night.

I have been giving the catering a lot of thought too! Do I opt for the classic buffet that the venue can organise for me or do I opt for something a bit different. I quite fancy the idea of Pie and Peas but I'm not sure how that would go down with the guests and I don't know if it would be just one more thing to have to think about on the day. Plus I would need to speak to the venue to see if they will warm it all up for me. What do you think?

I'm pretty sure I know what my colour scheme of balloons and decorations is going to be. I figured that because it's an 80s fancy dress party and all things cheese then really I should go for really garish colours. Colours to match the illuminous socks and fingerless gloves I wore in the 80s. What do you think?

The invitations have been discussed with my fantastic designer; the wonderful Carrie Dennison from www.pressfordesign.co.uk I won't divulge the details of these until they are printed and then you can see them in all their shining glory.

Anyway that's where I am with it all at the moment. I keep thinking there's loads of time to get this organised but it's on May 4th (Star Wars day - May the 4th be with you!) so there isn't really a lot of time.

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  1. I was thinking pineapple chunks and cheese on sticks? Vol au vents and sausage rolls....maybe also some fruit salads, flying saucers..... (let me know if you want some retro sweets :) I can get those for you!). xxx



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