Thursday, 22 March 2012

Planning my birthday party (part 3)

Hello everybody.

Well the birthday party planning is going well. The invitations are starting to go out. These are the party invites - what do you think?

I'm starting to get the replies now and I'm really pleased that people are actually RSVPing in the way that they've been asked to do!

I've organised the cake and it's going to look something like this.

I've also organised the catering now too! I thought we'd go for something a little bit different to the usual buffet (although I do love a good buffet!). A local company is coming in and will serve pies and peas. What do you think?

So now all I have to do is pay for everything (booooo!) and organise what I'm going to wear and also practice back combing my hair!!!

I've been messing around with these posters. What do you think?

So it's all going very well.
I'm going to start putting together the ideas for the party bags very soon. If you have any ideas of what you think should go in them then I'm all ears.

Don't forget that if you need help planning and executing a party then all you need is me! We have a full range of party boxes on the website however if you want something a bit different then just get in touch Always happy to help!

Keep smiling my friends and have a great weekend!


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