Thursday, 25 August 2011

With a little help from my friends

Hello my friends.
I was thinking today about people that I know and people I have met since I started this business. When I left work I thought the main thing I would miss would be the cameraderie (spelling?) and general tomfoolery! The fact is that you spend a long time with colleagues and as such, by and large, you have to get on with them. I have made some very good friends at my place of work who I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life.
Now I'm working on my own (well with my dog!) and I thought that it would be a very lonely place to be. However, as with most new businesses, I have been getting out there, raising my profile in my local networks andusing the excellent services of the support mechanisms that are in place (which have been fab btw - you know who you are!!) and I am genuinely surprised at how many lovely people I have met in such a short space of time.
Some of these I would even consider as friends!
I have some very exciting plans for my business which I am hoping to announce within the next couple of months or so and I know that all of the things that I want to put into place would not be possible without the support and friendship from some of the people I have met on this journey (I sound like I should be on a reality TV programme!).
So let's all celebrate our friends and throw them a huge party to tell them we love them. Obviously using Personalised Parties to provide you with a party in a box!
If you want to get on touch with me then please do so. I'm always happy to chat with people. Don't forget that for a lot of the day it's just me and my dog Daisy so I'm always pleased when people stop by and say hi. You can reach me on You never know we might even strike up a friendship!
See you soon people

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