Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Being a celebrity and staying positive.

So did you see me on Sky News on Monday night? If you haven’t heard about it then you must be living in Outer Mongolia because I have been telling the whole world!! Anyway if you do live in Outer Mongolia and you haven’t heard; I was part of a news article about my local area and the current economic hard times! If you have seen it then you will know that it was quite a depressing piece and painted my local area in rather a grave light (when actually it's not a bad place to live!).

Then right at the end of the piece me and my dog Daisy arrive on screen and hopefully lift a little bit of the depression out of the article.
I know things are tough out there at the moment but do you think that with a little bit of positivity we can all start to feel a bit more upbeat about the world? I don’t know about you but I’ve stopped watching the news (unless I’m on!) because it’s all so depressing and rarely focusses on the good things in life

With my business and all the party boxes I am sending out I can see first-hand that people are still celebrating all the momentous occasions in their lives and it’s really encouraging to see. It would be nice for the media to focus on the good not the bad occasionally. Do you think it’s because bad news ‘sells’?
Let’s all start to embrace a new positive way of thinking and focus on the positives not the negatives and with my new found celebrity status I’m going out there to spread the word about positivity and how together we can all help each other. Mind you I’m not going out the front door – there are so many paparazzi out there!!!
Have fab day my friends

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  1. Well done again, and a good post too. My High St (suburb of a big city) was poster child for the recession - just because we lost our Woolworths and McDonalds in the same month so it looked a bit gappy. We actually have one of the fullest high streets in the region; our independent shopkeepers took a stand against the negative portrayal and insisted on a piece about them; but still, have they come back to see how well the street is looking? Have they heck!



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