Friday, 18 November 2011

Time to think about Christmas

Hello my friends,
Normally at this time of year I have my Christmas shopping finished and wrapped. This year however I haven't even started! The perils of running your own business and being a little bit busy with that!
Anyway I came across these instructions on how to make Edible Stained Glass and thought "what a good idea".
So if you want to do something different with your children and make some edible Christmas decorations here's how you do it.
1) Make edible Christmas decorations out of boiled sweets - but BE CAREFUL the molten syrup can be hot and caution needs to be exercised,
2) Pre heat your oven to 170c.
3) Take some boiled fruit sweets and some metal cookie cutters,
4) Line a baking sheet with foil and spray the surface with cooking oil and place the cookie cutters on top,
5) Pop some sweets inside the cookie cutters and put in the oven for about 6 minutes until all the sweets have melted,
6) Take out the tray and swirl the molten liquid with a cocktail stick to make the whole of the cookie cutter is filled (Make sure the Mum, Dad or a responsible adult does this because it will be very hot)
7) Let them cool a little but before they are completely cold and whilst still a bit soft put a hole in them,
8) When cool, but not cold peel the shapes from the foil, string thread or ribbon through the whole and hang them on your Christmas tree.

Your children will be able to impress friends and relatives with these edible Christmas decorations. Be careful of sharp corners though and don't forget if you have pets they might want to eat them too!

I hope you enjoy making these and I want to know how everybody's turn out.

It's Fun Friday my friends so have a great day.


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