Friday, 16 December 2011

Friday Fun - 80s Pop Quiz

Pull on your leg warmers, rah rah skirt and bat wing jumper, get out your Sony Walkman and vinyl record collection and have a go at our 80s pop quiz. All entries will get 10% off their next purchase at Good luck
1.       Who had a hit in 1986 with `Heartache`?
a.       Pepsi & Shirley
b.      Tears For Fears
c.       T’Pau

2.       Which song contains these lyrics “Buying bread from a man in Brussels. He was six foot four and full of muscles. I said 'do you speak-a my language?' He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich.”
a.       Down Under
b.      The Safety Dance
c.       Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

3.       Which group's 1st 3 singles went to No.1 in 1984?
a.       Frankie Goes to Hollywood
b.      The Smiths
c.       Wham

4.       Who according to music journalists were the most over rated group of the decade?
a.       Frankie Goes to Hollywood
b.      Five Star
c.       The Smiths

5.       Which song was the 1st UK number 1 to be written, produced, arranged and all instruments played, by the same person?
a.       Paul Young – Love of the Common People
b.      Alison Moyet – Is this Love
c.       George Michael – A Different Corner

6.       What was the bestselling album of the decade?
a.       Thriller – Michael Jackson
b.      Hearts & Bones – Paul Simon
c.       Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

7.       Which song contains these lyrics “Just remember, if you're the one thing, I can't get enough of. So I tell you one thing, this could be love”
a.       She’s Like The Wind – Patrick Swayze
b.      The Time of my Life – Bill Medley & Jennifer Warner
c.       Hold Me Now – Johnny Logan

8.       Who recorded the album `Like Gangsters’?
a.       Jo Boxers 
b.      Haysi Fantayzee
c.       Bow Wow Wow

9.       What was the bestselling single in 1983?
a.       True – Spandau Ballet
b.      Karma Chamelon - Culture Club
c.       Save your Love – Renee & Renato

10.   Which song contains these lyrics “I gotta take a little time, a little time to think things over. I better read between the lines. In case I need it when I'm older.”
a.       I Want to Know What Love is - Foreigner
b.      What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Tina Turner
c.       Rain or Shine – Five Star

11.   Who put together the group Bow Wow Wow?
a.       Phil Collins
b.      John Lydon
c.       Malcolm Maclaren
12.   Which Group was No.1 in June 1984?
a.       Frankie Goes To Hollywood 
b.      Thompson Twins
c.       Flying Pickets

13.   What was the record label set up by The Specials?
a.       Ghost Town
b.      Coventry
c.       2 Tone

14.   Name a London club that was associated with the New Romantic scene?
a.       Gas
b.      Kinky
c.       Blitz

15.   Which female group had their 13th hit in 1987?
a.       The Bangles
b.      Bananarama
c.       The Pointer Sisters

If you want to enter then send your answers to All entries will receive 10% off their next purchase at You don’t have to get them all right but promise me you won’t cheat and Wikipedia the answers! It’s just a bit of fun so enjoy.
Good luck everyone.

Keep smiling

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