Wednesday, 14 December 2011

What’s your Party Piece?

I love parties! I can’t tell a lie I love everything about them! So you might say I have the perfect business for me!
I think my love of parties shows in the feedback I get from my party boxes. Yesterday’s customer feedback said “Party box has arrived, and it’s fab!  Thank you so much.” This particular feedback was for something a bit different from my regular products and was a gothic party. I had an absolutely wonderful time thinking up party games and sourcing party supplies for this product. So if you want a gothic party or something a bit different just get in touch and I will put something together for you.
Anyway I digress! Today somebody asked me what my strengths were (we were talking about it from a business point of view) and I said “I do a mean Cilla Black singing impersonation”. This is actually true! In fact when I was a  child I did like to stand up and entertain others with this and other impressions of people.
This got me thinking about what people have as their ‘party pieces’? I would love to know what people have as their own special talents (keep it clean guys!) that would entertain at a party. I’m sure there are lots of talented people out there who can say something much better than singing like Cilla Black and Tina Turner.
Anyway I’ll sign off for now. But tonight Matthew I’m going to be…………………………….Surprise Surprise!!
Keep smiling my friends



  1. Well, at my own leaving party from my part-time job on Monday I ended up discussing editorial issues such as "Further" vs. "Furthermore", plagiarism and more. I really didn't mean that to happen, but people asked me!

    My real party piece is introducing people to one another. Well, networking events are the most partyish things I go to, and I've got a reputation now for introducing people who might be able to help each other.

    This is all saying I should get out more, I think. I can sing, if that helps ... !!


  2. My party piece usually involves tripping over something and covering someone with food and drink...some parties, they take bets on how long it will take for me to trip over my own feet!

    Wish I could sing like Cilla, I did once sing Shania Twain at a Karaoke, it's gone down in legend...



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