Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday Fun - How to make your own piñata

It’s quite a long blog today but with the party season arriving why not make a fantastic piñata with the kids. If you don’t know what a piñata is, it’s a colourful papier mache shape filled with goodies that you hit with a big stick. Blindfolded! We've not made this one in our house yet but we will! Let me know how yours turn out.

You must allow a few days for this process so if you do want to have a go for a party make sure you make well in advance.

1)      Blow up a big balloon,

2)      Tear up newspapers into thin strips (about 3 cms x 12 cms). Put into an old turkey basting tray with a PVA glue mix (mix one part glue to two parts water),

3)      Paste the strips one by one onto the balloon using a brush,

4)      Smooth the strips onto the balloon. Make sure you put lots of layers on as the more layers there are the sturdier it will be (although it will take longer to dry). Leave a hole about the size of a 5 pence piece for balloon popping purposes. Make sure you also leave a hole big enough for inserting sweets but not so big that they might fall out. You are probably better to make this hole in the side of the piñata.

5)      Use white paper for the outer layer as it will make the piñata easier to decorate.

6)      Leave the balloon to dry overnight. This might even take a couple of nights depending on how many layers you have.

7)      When it’s all dry take a pin and prick the balloon. Remove the deflated balloon from the hardened paper shell.

8)      Use the hole that you used for pricking the balloon to put string through to hang the piñata up.

9)      Paint, decorate with crepe paper, glitter, streamers or anything you want.

10)   Fill with lots of sweets and then enjoy the fun.
We would love to see your pictures of your piñatas.

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Keep smiling my friends

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