Thursday, 28 February 2013

Mother Day guest blogger - Anne from Gift in a Tin

We're still celebrating our Mums in Business. Mother's Day is rapidly approaching and don't forget about our gorgeous colourable bags! You can now buy them straight from our "Buy Now" tab above! At only £9.99 (including a pack of fabric pens) they are absolutely ideal for  a totally unique gift for mum!
Anyway today our guest blogger is Anne Livesey from Gift in a Tin. Have a read what she has to say about running her own business.

"Working as an Enterprise Coach, I always tell my clients “Be prepared to be Salesperson, Accountant, Head of Dispatch, Office Administrator and Tea Maker all rolled into one”.
Well today, running my own e-commerce business, I have been to the Post Office three times (not bad planning, just last minute orders with clients wanting next day delivery); downloaded logos from being a Finalist at Gift of the Year with my Garden Tin, so I can upload onto the website; ordered some beautiful new diffusers to expand my range of Scent Tins; starting building a database of garden centres; uploaded some new pics to the site, spoke to the web guys about developing the ‘coupon area’ on the site for a fab new offer site being launched in March (very excited); packed and delivered a wholesale order; ordered some catalogues for pet toys and food (the newest Gift Tins) oh..and also made a couple of cups of hot water and a milkshake - liquid diet (not the relaxing variety you understand, but the healthy - and very boring - variety) so I can get into a nice dress for our daughter’s wedding in November!
That seems like a very long paragraph and it is just a paraphrase of what’s happened today! I forgot to mention that I’ve also been in discussions about going on the One Show too....(get me...autographs will be available).

And I also booked the Hen Night venue, picked up some cardboard letters to decorate and just started getting some wedding favours ready to go out for a bride next week.

And finally, walked the dogs three times and chase an unruly cockerel around the paddock as he was refusing to go back in the hut for the night. It’s all good exercise...

So have I been busy? Mmmm, feels like it. Have I been juggling all those balls in the air?Certainly. Have I had fun? YES. I love being able to plan my day, although it seems to have organically evolved today as I look at the list which only has four items ticked off today and still seven items for starter’s orders tomorrow morning! Being self employed takes some grit and determination, and the will to pick yourself up if things don’t go right, and also pat yourself on the back when they do.

So tomorrow is planned with the remaining seven items to start on, although, I’ve just remembered I am meeting a lovely new candle supplier tomorrow at I guess tomorrow possibly won’t pan out the way I planned either - mange tout (as Del Boy might say...)"
Thank you so much for your words Anne!
Speak to you soon my friends

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