Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday Fun - make your own playdough

Don't buy playdough from the shops! Follow our recipe - a great activity to enjoy with the kids.

**Warning** has mess potential! Make sure you put down old sheets before you start!

We've used a cup as a measure. It doesn't have to be a cup it can be a teacup or a mug, as long as the ingredients are mixed in the correct proportions.

Basic dough
Use half a cup of salt to one and a half cups of plain flour, mixing it with water until you have a dough consistency. Then get modelling!

Glittery colourful dough
Make up the basic dough recipe above, then add glitter and food colouring! Messy but loads of fun.

Scented dough
Again, make the basic dough recipe, then add a few drops of vanilla, peppermint, almond, lemon or rose essence.

Baked dough **needs to be supervised by an adult**
Use on cup of salt to one quarter cup of water. Mix together in a saucepan. Stir over the heat until the mixture bubbles, then remove from the stove and add one cup of cornflour and another half cup of water. Knead well. You can use this dough to make models or jewellery. Creat beads by rolling the dough into small balls, then push a cocktail stick through each ball to create a small hole. Leave them to air-dry or bake in a slow oven. When they're hard, paint and string them and wear as a necklace.

So go on give them a go. Send us pictures of your creations, we'd love to see them! if you're feeling extremely brave then why not have a go at this if you're having your next child's party at home. Don't forget about your party supplies from Life's A Celebration too

Happy Friday everybody!


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