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Mother's Day Guest Blogger - Abi Yardimci

Hi there everybody,
Throughout the month of February we're celebrating our Mother's Day bags! So we're going to be featuring some mums that run businesses throughout the whole month. Today's mum is Abi Yardimci. Abi runs a business called The Cool Rule Company an absolutely fabulous business that promotes all things positive when it comes to parenting.
Here's what Abi had to say!
So far 2013 has dragged us all along with its excessively healthy detoxing guilt-trips, dire financial chaos and, quite frankly, offensive weather conditions. Yes. January has come and gone in all its familiar splendor.
Yet on the horizon we can see Valentine’s Day, school half-term break and an excuse to indulge in reams of gooey pancakes. But what’s that? That modest little event just nestling on a cosy Sunday in the middle of March? Oh yes. Mother’s Day.
Can I sense mums everywhere doing a mental Mexican wave? A jubilant clasping of hands and cheeky little daydreams about a lie-in, a cup of tea in bed, perhaps a spa treatment or two?
For some of us those daydreams will morph gratifyingly into tangible events. For me (and I suspect I am not alone), they will remain in a metaphorical dream bubble, drifting overhead just out of reach.
There are three main reasons why I will not expect to be made a fuss of this Mother’s Day.

• My husband is Turkish and will be waiting until Turkish Mother’s Day in May (and then he’ll conveniently forget . . . I know his ploy)

• My sons are mere tots which means they are unlikely to get on the phone to the local spa and make a swift credit card transaction

• I run my own business, The Cool Rule Company, alongside being a full-time Mum so there is no reason why that particular Sunday will not involve the usual snowballing of household and business tasks

But it’s easy to complain, isn’t it? And that’s why, since becoming a Mum I’ve learned that you need to make sure you look after yourself. And I’m not talking about a beauty treatment or a girls night out. Those things are perfectly wonderful if your situation will facilitate them. But if you’re in a predicament where time out for yourself is rare, then I feel your pain.
That’s why I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to bring out the beauty in the perpetual nature of being a Mum.

Toddlers are really good at this. And we can give it a go too. Enjoy the pattern of the splattered yoghurt on the floor. Breathe deep the soapy scent of a whinging child’s just-washed hair. Honest. It works.

Develop a habit of taking slow deep breaths. Three seems to be the magic number.  Breathe deeply through your nose, and make sure the out-breath is longer than the in-breath. Start your day with them. End your day with them. Do them with your kids.

In your responses to family, friends, whoever, just pause. You’ll find that after a few seconds your answer will just rise up in you and be more truthful than an answer you splutter out in a rush. Try it.

By this I mean pay attention to what’s going on in your body at any given time. Whilst the toddler screams on the supermarket floor what are you feeling? Focus on the quickening of your breath and slow it down. And when you’re playing with your kids, then what is your body doing? Rosy cheeks? Laughter rising? Watch your body’s responses and you’ll feel more able to judge your feelings, name them and accept them.

Just once in a while, when you’re absolutely at your wit’s end, ask yourself “What is it that I feel like doing right now?” It might be to run away, to have a stiff drink, or to scream. Whatever it is, I challenge you to do the exact opposite. You might just surprise yourself.

Let’s face it, this experience called parenthood is probably the greatest adventure we’ll ever have. Don’t doubt that you’ve been blessed and try to tune into a sense of gratitude as often as possible.
So whatever you’re doing for Mother’s Day, or today or tomorrow or for the rest of the year, remember that the very best pampering comes from within.
Thanks Abi for your pearls of wisdom! Check out Abi's business The Cool Rule Company. She has really wonderful products on her website including the original Cool Rule Book which promotes all things positive about parenting.
Keep watching as well for a fabulous new joint venture between me and Abi called Moment Makers. Fabulous at-home parties celebrating all that is glorious about those moments our children give us! Give us a like on Facebook.
Also Life's A Celebration will be launching our brand spanking new Mother's Day Bags very soon. These gorgeous cotton bags have a delightful I Love Mum logo and come with fabric pens so the kids can give their mum a truly unique present. At only £9.99 (including the fabric pens) they are a complete steal. If you want to pre-order then drop me a line.
Speak to you soon my friends!

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