Monday, 25 June 2012

Children's parties - Myth Busting

Once people find out what I do for a living their first reaction is to say "Oooooh that's a good idea" then "Oooooh I wish I'd known about you when little Jimmy turned 4 a couple of weeks ago" and then "Aren't children's parties a headache?"
This got me thinking about children's parties and the urban myths that surround them. So I decided to write this post to bust some of these myths and generally make parents' lives easier.

Myth Number 1
Children's parties are stressful

Yes children's parties are stressful but they're only as stressful as you want to make them. Don't feel like you have to "keep up with the Joneses". You will always find that there are some parents out there that will go all out with some all-singing all-dancing extranvangza! You don't need to do this. Children are actually quite simple creatures and the traditional games and activities always remain timeless and popular.  Stick with the good fashioned favourites like pass the parcel, musical bumps and musical statues. There's a reason they've been around a long time and that's because they never go out of style.
If you're doing a party at home or you're even attempting to entertain them yourself in your local village hall the things you need to remember are
1) Don't panic
2) Don't over complicate things
3) Have a structure that can be flexible. For example if the children don't seem to be enjoying a particular game or activity then move onto the next. It's no big deal.

Coming very soon will be a blog post on ideas, hints and tips on how to entertain the children yourself at your local village hall.

Myth Number 2
Children's Parties Are Expensive.

This is simply not true. As with myth number 1, in lots of ways, the party only need to be as expensive as you need to make it. Last time you had a party did you tot up exactly how much it cost you? It was a lot wasn't it?

If money is tight at the moment then keep things simple. Have a party at home. I am increasingly getting orders for parents that are doing just that. This is one of the main reasons why I have introduced the new Princess Party Boxes and Happy Birthday Party Boxes. The smaller boxes are absolutely idea for parties at home and are a fraction of the cost of going out and buying everything yourself. If you want I'll also send you a FREE games pack if you let me know when you order that you want one. 

Click here - if you want some hints and tips on Kids Parties at home.

Kids love craft activities so why not just buy a load of craft materials and pop them on the table and let them cut, stick and colour to their hearts contents. If you want some craft materials just let me know and I'll be happy to add some craft kits to your party order.

Why not let them decorate their own party bags? Or get them involved in the food preparation by decorating their own pizza with their favourite toppings?

If your child is adamant that they want to invite the entire school and you have to hire a local village hall then why not entertain the children yourself? Coming soon will be a blog on hints/tips and ideas on how to do this!

Myth Number 3
Children are difficult to entertain

They're not! Just think back to when you were a child and the things that used to amuse you. Children today are no different. Yes they may have all the latest gadgets, yes they may seem more sophicated but they still like the same things that you and I liked when we were that age.

Myth Number 4
Parties are just for birthdays

You don't have to make birthdays the only thing that you celebrate; after all "Life's a Celebration".
For example next week my daughter and a gang of her mates are having a recording studio party at The Music Pod just to celebrate leaving the Infants School and moving up to the Junior School. I'm a firm believer that life is for celebrating so any excuse to have a bit of a 'do' and you should.

Don't forget that Life's A Celebration is here to help you with your next party, be it a kids party, a sleepover party or a milestone party. We're a friendly bunch here and are always on hand to help you with any party helps you have.
If you want to talk to me directly (I'm very friendly!) give me a call on 01207 588958 or skype me through the website. Or just drop me a line and I'll get back to you to have a chat!

Party on my friends,


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