Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Our Olympic Torch Party

So the Olympic torch went through our village at the weekend! What an absolutely brilliant day we had!

The torch passing by!

A friend of mine's house was right on the route and the torch was going to pass right by her door so a few weeks ago we all pitched in and started to organise a bit of a party to mark the occasion.

Obviously, being in the party industry, I was charged with making sure the 'do' had all the party supplies necessary. So I organised bunting, tableware, decorations, cupcake stands, place mats, waving flags in fact everything you need to have a superb event.

Me in my hat!

The torch was due to pass the door at 4:04 (very precise!) and so we all gathered at my friends house at about 2 o clock and went to line the streets at about 3 o clock. The procession began about 20 minues before the torch actually passed and the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. If the torch hasn't passed your door yet then I can totally recommend that you go out and see it.

Anyway, this has got me thinking about what a wonderful year it is to be British. We've had the Jubilee, the football team have made it to the quarter finals in Euro 2012 (I think - I don't watch it!) and we have the Olympics to celebrate too. If you want an Olympics Party Box organising then get in touch. These are due to be put on the website very soon but if you need something in the interim get in touch. You know how friendly I am and I'll always be happy to help. Any other parties you've got coming up too - just get in touch and we'll get you an incredible party box sent out.

I've also decided to hold a big "Best of British" party in October this year in order to wrap up all the Great British things that are happening in our land this year. Guests will need to wear either red, white or blue or come dressed as their favourite British Icon. I think I might go as Cilla Black! Oh I've told you now - it's not going to be a Surprise Surprise!!

Ooooh also my business has been nominated in the Best In Britain Independent Business in Great British Exhibition Awards. If you could vote for me, I'd be really grateful. Thanks!

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