Saturday, 23 June 2012

What's wrong with straightforward?

I have had a busy week packing and despatching boxes with the most popular ones being the children's party boxes and the baby showers. I always ask for feedback on all of the products that I send out and this week somebody commented that the party boxes were "fabulously straightforward". When I read this I was slightly disappointed. I thought; my party boxes are amazing, they're out of this world, they are the best things since sliced bread!

However I then sat down and thought about it and I realised that there's absolutely nothing wrong with straightforward is there? In fact isn't that the whole point of my party boxes - they're designed to make people's lives straightforward otherwise what's the point in somebody buying an entire party in a box.

As a no nonsense Yorkshire lass I love my life being straightforward and quite honestly I don't think there's anything wrong with that is there? Are you a straightforward kind of person too??

My business lends itself to all those people out there that are like me. They want to have a great party but they don't have the time/money/inclination to trawl the shops and the internet looking for party supplies.

So let's all embrace straightforward - it's amazing, it's out of this world, it's the best thing since sliced bread!

Oooooh ps) If you want a Pirate Party Box for 10 guests I have a special offer on these at the moment. I have any entire party box for only £20 (plus £4.95 p&p). You will get tableware, banners, balloons, party bags and more! Perfect if you need a last minute party for a 'do' at home! Click here to email me to buy! See if couldn't be more straightforward ;) Hurry though as I only have very limited stock and once they're gone they're!

pps) The lady who made the "fabulously straightforward" comment knows I've written this blog and she has read it too! So thank you to her for inspiring me to continue being both fabulous and straightforward!

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