Friday, 15 June 2012

Dressing up and growing up!

I don’t know about you but I seem to spend my life racing around trying to accommodate what’s going on at my daughter’s school. There doesn’t seem to be a week goes by when then there’s not a “Theme Day” were we need to dress up in some wild and wacky costume or there’s a school trip that needs a volunteer or I get called in as my capacity as Governor or we need to put together some exciting piece of artwork.

Do you sometimes feel like life is far too busy to organise all the things that are going on in your child’s school life? I know I do. As a busy working parent most days do not have enough hours and I end up running around late at night trying to get organised for the next day at school. On Wednesday this week it was Circus Day at school and, despite having all of half term to organise, as I was working all half term this inevitably got left till the last minute and I ended up cobbling together a Ring Masters outfit. Actually I felt quite good with what I managed to come up with! Using a black hat that I use for a party game, a Little Red Riding Hood cloak (from a previous World Book Day dress up day at school), black leggings, a white shirt and some eye liner for the obligatory twirly moustache a Ringmaster was born!

Anyway Circus Day got my thinking. This is my daughter’s last half term at Infants School and although she is totally ready to go to the Junior School down the road I have been warned by friends that already have children at the Junior School that all Theme Days stop once they get there and it’s time for them all to get their heads down and start preparing for the wider world.
When I found this out I felt a momentary sense of relief that I would no longer have to spend evenings coming up with ingenious ideas for costumes or art work then it struck me…… daughter is growing up at a rate of knots and I’m not sure that I like it!

The last 7 years have passed so quickly and I have to accept that there will soon come a day when she doesn’t want to spend all her time with me and her mates offer her better (!) advice than I do. So I have made a pact with myself that whilst she wants to spend time with me and whilst there are still Theme Days to dress up for and art work to construct I shall dive in with enthusiasm and gusto because it’s finally dawned on me that very soon it will all be over.

So the moral of the day is embrace the moment and enjoy every minute of it because it's over far too quickly!

Keep smiling

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