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Baby shower elephant cupcake toppers and bunting

Hi there everybody,
Todays guest blogger is my good friend Poppy Lee from Papaver Designs. Papaver Designs creates luxury handmade wedding stationery and bespoke paper lanterns as well as other wedding accessories to make your big day special.
Every Wednesday Poppy also publishes a very popular 'Wednesday Wonder'  blog were she teaches you how to make various wonderful things. I can totally recommend you check it out.
I am so excited that Poppy has said she will share this weeks Wednesday Wonder on my blog. Today she's going to teach us all how to make Baby Shower elephant bunting and cupcake toppers.

Wednesday Wonder- No. 38 – Baby shower elephants, cupcake toppers and bunting
Hello, My name is Poppy I design bespoke Wedding Stationery and beautiful paper lanterns for all occasions. I am based here in the North East. Each week on my blog I do a paper make, these can be anything from Origami cranes to tissue paper pom poms.
As a treat for featuring on the lovely Life’s a Celebration blog this week,  I am offering two Wednesday Wonders for one. Two little tutorials for you to enjoy both with free templates.

Wednesday Wonder part one – Bunting
What you will need:
 Print off template in draft mode
 Scissors
 Tissue paper
 Paper clips
Step One:
Print off the elephant template onto a4 paper in draft mode to save ink.

(to print off the template above right click on the template and open link in new tab)

Step Two:
Fold several sheets of tissue paper so that it is the same height as the elephant, you will then need to concertina fold the tissue (like a paper fan) making sure it is the same width at the elephant.

Put two paperclips on each side of the template.

Step Three:
Cut around the elephant template. Keep adding paperclips to the template as you’re going to keep things secure. Make sure you don’t cut at the join points, the tail and the trunk or you won’t get a paper chain.

Step Four:
Unclip the template and unfold, I got 4 elephants from 1 sheet of tissue paper. Add a little tape to the back of each chain at the trunk and tail to make a longer paper chain.

Wednesday wonder part 2 – Elephant cupcakes
What you will need:
v  Print off template in full colour
v  Cocktail sticks
v  Masking tape
v  Pritt stick
v  Scissors

Step One:
Print off the elephant template that you need from the images below

 (to print these templates off right click on the image and then click on Open Link in New Tab)
Step Two:
Cut a strip of 3 elephants and fold along the line, cut the semi-circle between the legs.


Masking tape down a cocktail stick on the inside, do this to all three.
Step Three:
Glue down all the of elephant strip.

Once dry, cut out each of the elephants

If you have any problems printing off the templates then get in touch with Poppy and she will email them across to you directly!
Thank you so much to Poppy for a fantastic Wednesday Wonder Blog. If you have a baby shower coming up then have a go at Poppy's ideas. Don't forget about Life's A Celebration's baby shower party boxes either. Everything you need to celebrate. In fact if you visit the website at the moment we're running a competition to win a Baby Shower Party Box for 7 people.

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  1. Both lovely makes Poppy. Almost makes me wish I was having another baby!



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