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Relaxation during pregnancy and after

To continue our 'Baby Month' todays guest blog comes from my very good friend Simone Larraine a Holistic Therapist. She's got some great hints and tip on how to relax during and after pregnancy. Simone can also offer pamper parties which would be ideal for a baby shower. Simone is a very good friend of mine (and I can totally recommend her therapies; pregnant or not!) so if you would like to organise a stress free baby shower then get in touch and between the two of us we'll provide all the pampering you need and all the baby shower supplies too!
Here's what Simone has to say;
Relaxation during pregnancy and after
Reflexology:  All foot massage is beneficial, but reflexology provides a specific method of working on the feet to balance health and well being.
Reflexology is an excellent therapy for pregnancy, it can help your body to cope more effectively with the changes taking place, maintaining its natural balance and supporting you through pregnancy.   I would recommend to wait till the 2nd trimester before booking a reflexology therapy. Reflexology can help with deep relaxation and calm your mind during what can be an emotional time.  Continued treatment after the birth will encourage recovery from the birth and most importantly, some much needed time out for mums! 
Some of the benefits you may feel during or after a reflexology session: Deep relaxation and well being, stress and anxiety relief, stimulation of the body’s own healing mechanisms and improves circulation.
Reiki:  ‘Reiki’, A Japanese word pronounced ray - key, can be translated to mean universal life force or universally guided energy. It is a very simple system of healing, carried out by placing hands on or over a person on a massage table or a chair (who is always clothed), with the intent to channel Reiki.
Reiki is perfect for all stages of pregnancy regardless of any pre-existing conditions. Reiki will balance your energy leaving you feeling a deep sense of calm and peacefulness. Energy balance during pregnancy is constantly under pressure, which can manifest itself as emotional and physical symptoms.  During pregnancy Reiki may help to relieve any stress and illness which the mother may be feeling. It works not only on the mother but also on the baby.
Indian Head Massage:  IHM has been practised in India for over 1000 years and is a simple but effective treatment that helps promote hair growth as well as providing relief from aches and pains, especially stress. IHM is carried out seated and incorporates the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face
Indian head massage is considered to be a safe treatment when you are pregnant. As with any form of massage, you should always tell your therapist in advance if you are, or think you might be pregnant, as this may affect the kind of massage, oil and treatment you receive.  At Simone Larraine Holistic Therapy I only treat clients after the second trimester. I may adapt the treatment slightly to avoid certain pressure points that may be over-stimulating for a client who is pregnant. This therapy is good for relaxation, relieving muscular tension in the neck, shoulders and back and reduces the effects of stress.  Continued treatment after the birth will encourage recovery, relaxation and a sense of well being.   If you are experiencing aches and pains in the shoulders and neck, get your partner to get the palm of their hand  and rub your shoulders and neck , nice slow and gentle movements this is enough to help the aches and pains. If done regular you may prevent the aches and pains from getting worse.

Always consult your GP or midwife before booking any therapy

My own personal experience of ill health brought into the field of complementary therapy Illness in some cases can bring about change, seen as an awakening of the spirit, and a connection to understanding the workings of the inner self.
Working with, and studying therapies has helped me to gain some understanding of the complex functioning of the human body, and its many cries for nurturing and healing on all levels.
My recovery and learning of holistic therapies began many years ago whilst attending Reflexology and regular acupuncture treatments for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (M.E) back and joint pain.  I became interested in the way complementary therapies treat the ‘Whole person’ and not just the symptoms that ill health presents.
Two years ago I started my own business Simone Larraine Holistic Therapy, so I could spend a little more time with my clients  and  offer individual help and advice regards to health and wellbeing
I think it is very important to take time out for yourself, even just ten or twenty minutes a day can help calm the mind and gather your thoughts. I find meditation good for relaxation, helping to calm the mind and body.
Simone Larraine Holistic Therapy
 Mobile: 07708 005 266

Many thanks to Simone for a fantastic blog post! Hope these hints and tips inspire you to relax whether or not you're pregnant.
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