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Capturing those precious memories

Capturing those precious memories
Today's guest blog for our 'Baby Month' comes from children's photographer Sarah Loveland. Sarah's going to be sharing some top tips on how to take the best photos of your babies. Enjoy!
Here's what Sarah has to say!
"In this digital age babies are in front of the camera from the moment they enter this world. I’m a children’s photographer and newborn photo shoots are a particular favourite of mine. I’m invited into the home when the baby is about a week old and it’s a special time for everyone involved. Babies change so quickly and my role is to capture the details so that the family have the precious memories recorded for the future.

As a photographer I also teach people how to take better pictures for themselves. There are a few basic things that can make or break a good picture and you don’t need a top of the range camera either. With this in mind I designed my ‘How to photograph your newborn baby’ gift box. I want people to enjoy photographing their little ones and capturing some lovely memories to keep.

Here are a few hints and tips that will help you get great pictures of your newborn baby.
1. Unlike toddlers, newborn babies stay where you put them. This means that you can choose where you want to photograph your baby. Choose a bright spot that is evenly lit but avoid harsh sunlight on your baby’s face.
2. Keep the background simple and uncluttered. You could lay your baby on a neutral coloured blanket or sheet. When you’re photographing people holding the baby it’s important to check what’s in the background. You don’t want a pile of washing in the picture!
3. Remember to capture those details. An adult’s hand holding your baby’s hand will create a lovely image but also give you a record of how tiny your baby’s hands were. You can do the same with their feet. Use an adult hand to hold the baby’s feet so that you can take a picture.
4. Your baby will receive lots of gifts. Include some in pictures but stick to one item per picture so that it doesn’t clutter up the image. These pictures make great gifts for the people that gave you the toys or clothes.
5. Regardless of how you feel, get someone to photograph you and your baby. This is about capturing this time for your baby to look back at when they are older. When they are older those pictures will be really precious.

I prefer being behind the camera but when my nephew was born pictures taken of me with him were very special to me. I now have a young niece as well. The picture below is of us together.
Newborn babies grow and change so quickly so enjoy capturing all those precious moments!"
Sarah Loveland
Sarah’s ‘How to photograph your newborn baby’ gift box is available from her website and also from Not on the High Street.
You can also get in touch with Sarah on Twitter or Facebook.
Great hints and tips from Sarah and a fantastic idea for a gift for a friend with a newborn baby or one on the way! Don't forget Life's A Celebration can also provide you with a Baby Shower Party Box!  
Keep watching for the next guest blogger on Monday 10th. Claire Mockridge an Ante/Post Natal Fitness Expert. She's going to be sharing fabulous hints and tips on Post Natal Fitness!

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