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Baby Showers Hints and Tips

Baby Shower Hints & Tips
Baby Showers have joined the UK after being very popular in the US for many years.  This blog is the beginning of Baby Month here at Life’s A Celebration. We’re going to spend this month bringing you lots of lovely guest blogs posts from lots of different businesses up and down the country giving lots of advice, hints and tips on lots of different baby related matters. We hope you enjoy and look forward to getting the chance to chat with lots of you out there that have got a small person on the way or you know somebody that has and you want advice on presents, baby showers and all things in between.

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As you may or may not know Life’s A Celebration has added a Baby Shower Party Box to our range as we got asked by so many people for them. So here’s my thoughts on Baby Shower Hints and Tips.

1) Who organises a Baby Shower?
In my opinion anybody can organise a shower. Ideally the mum-to-bes mother or her best mate should be involved.
The shower doesn’t necessarily have to be kept a secret from the Mum to be but if it is then make sure that you liaise with everybody to ensure everybody knows it’s going to be a secret. Also if it is you that’s organising the shower make sure you speak to everyone to ensure that everybody gets invited. We all have different circles of friends and the mum to be will be no different.
2) When should the Baby Shower be held?
Ideally this should be in the final few months of pregnancy. Don’t leave it too late as, in my case, the baby may arrive early. Then you’ll be hosting a ‘Welcome to the World’ party instead!
3) Where should you host a Baby Shower?
As you may or may not know in the latter stages of pregnancy being comfortable is key. So the mum to bes own home is probably your best bet. Then she’ll have everything she needs to hand. Don’t forget that if you do this there is a clear up operation after the party as she probably won’t have the energy to do this (and you won’t be very popular!).

If the shower is to be a secret then what about the grandma to bes home. Or you could hire a room in a hotel or other kind of function room.
4) Present Ideas

There are loads of ideas out there of things to buy for the mum to be. Through my research and chatting to my baby shower party box customers it would seem that Gift Lists are a popular thing to do in the US but not so much here in the UK. Baby clothes are a good idea but remember that the baby doesn’t stay tiny for too long so if you decide to buy clothes for 3-9 months old bear in mind the season it will be at that point and buy clothes to reflect that. For example if the baby will be 6 months old in the winter time there’s little point buying a t-shirt and shorts set.

We have got lots of baby related blogs coming up to celebrate this being our Baby Month including some guest blogs from Baby gift providers so you might get some inspiration there too.

5) Decorations
I love decorations at a party! I gets everybody in the party mood and if you’re decorations are different then they can always provide a bit of a talking point. As part of our party boxes you’ll get all the decoration you need in fact some customers have been in touch after their showers and told me that the mum to bes have taken the decorations home and used them in the nursery.
6) How long should a baby shower last?
Typically baby showers last 2-3 hours. This gives you chance to enjoy the games that you’ve organised, have a bit of chat, opened all the presents and enjoyed some food and cups of tea. Obviously you can make the shower as long as you like. For smaller showers with very close friends you might want to make it longer but the time and format of a baby shower really is up to. Don’t forget though the mum to be will probably get tired easily and so don’t make the shower too long. If you would like me to send you some baby shower games ideas then just get in touch and I’ll happily send you some.
7) What sort of food should you serve up?
Again, this is totally up to you. Personally I would keep it light. Also as you know organising a party is stressful enough so don’t over complicate things. If you would like me to send you some light finger food recipe ideas get in touch and I’ll happily send you some. When organising the food be mindful of dietary habits, allergies and anything that pregnant women shouldn’t really be eating. Guidance has probably changed since I had my daughter nearly 8 years ago so make sure you have a look at the current guidelines on anything that pregnant ladies should be avoiding.
8) Should men and children be invited?
The debate on this continues to rumble on. Personally I don’t think it matters if you have men and children there but I know it is sometimes a bit of a bone of contention. You might want to check with what the general consensus is with this one when you start planning the shower just so that everybody’s on the same page as you!

I hope these hints and tips have really helped you. If there’s anything you think I’ve forgotten or disagree with then please add a comment below.
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As part of Baby Month tomorrow we have guest blogger Sarah Loveland. Sarah is a children's photographer and she's going to be offering some invaluable hints and tips on how to Capture the Perfect Photograph of your Newborn Baby.
Speak to you soon my friends!

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