Friday, 27 January 2012

Friday Fun 90s Pop Quiz

Ok, we're celebrating the 90s today! So here's our Friday Fun 90s pop quiz! All our 30th Birthday Party Boxes have 90s music in them and a 90s pop quiz. So along with all the party supplies you need to have a good time, you'll get music, quizzes and I also throw some games (and prizes) in there too. Simple! A party you don't need to think about!

Anyway, try your hand at my 90s pop quiz. If you email me your answers then you'll get a 10% discount code for your next purchase at Life's A Celebration

1.       Who sang “All for Love”?
a.       Sting, Bryan Adams and Elton John
b.      Sting, Bryan Adams and Bryan Ferry
c.       Sting, Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart

2.       What superstar timidly told Madonna that her show was "neat," in In Bed With Madonna?
a.       Kevin Costner
b.      Brad Pitt
c.       Christian Slater

3.       What singer spiced up the release of her solo CD Look at Me with a "five continents in seven days" promo tour?
a.       Mel C
b.      Victoria Beckham
c.       Geri Halliwell

4.       Who were “feeling it in their fingers and feeling it in their toes” in 1994?
a.       Colour Me Badd
b.      Take That
c.       Wet Wet Wet

5.       Which diva suffered a slap in the face at how quickly she was replaced?
a.       Alanis Morrisette
b.      Shania Twain
c.       Celine Dion

6.       Who were a million different people from one day to the next in 1997?
a.       The Verve
b.      Oasis
c.       Blur

7.       What was the name of The Spice Girls 1st No. 1?
a.       2 Become 1
b.      Say You’ll be The
c.       Wannabe

8       Who had a hit in 1999 with the song My Love Is Your Love?
a.       Mariah Carey
b.      Whitney Houston
c.       Britney Spears

9   Who provided the vocals for Santana’s hit song Smooth
a.       Rob Thomas
b      Rob Thompson
c.       Rob Sanderson

10  Who had a hit song with “Unbelievable”?
a.       The Wonder Stuff
b.      Suede
c.       EMF

11  Who had a hit with Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm
a.       Crash Test Dummies
b.      The Counting Crows
c.       Hootie and the Blowfish

Well I hope you enjoyed my little quiz! If you think you know the answers email me and just for entering I'll send you a 10% discount code for your next purchase from 

Don't forget that we have milestone parties, baby showers, kids parties and so much more!

Enjoy your Friday and keep smiling my friends.


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