Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Working Wednesday – Working together

What does TEAM stand for? Well as we all know TEAM stands for Together Everybody Achieves More. Cheesy I know but I think it’s got a point!
I don’t know if you read my “A Guest on Monday” blog spot featuring Alison Murray from but if you didn’t then you missed an excellent post about her business. Pop across and take a look at it.
It was great to work with another business and as a result the “A Guest on Monday” blog spot will continue every two weeks on a Monday. I will be featuring lots of different businesses doing lots of different things up and down the country. All the posts will be different; some will be party related, some won’t, but I’m really looking forward to hearing what people have to say about their businesses. You never know you might find a business that provides exactly the kind of thing you’ve been looking to buy.
I enjoy working with people and chatting to people and I regularly get to chat to people on social media, email or on skype. I’ve had a skype button added to my website which means that I can chat to people on there too. Have you seen it? I am currently working on a project with another business which I am also very excited about. Working in collaboration with like-minded people is fun!
So if you’re looking for a fabulous party but without all the stress and hassle that’s involved then please get in touch with me to chat about my fantastic party boxes! I look forward to chatting with you soon and as a team, me and you will get your party sorted!
Keep smiling my friends


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