Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Kids parties made easy

So your child's birthday is rapidly approaching. Do you start planning with great gusto or does the thought of all the organising fill you with dread?

So what can we here at Life's A Celebration do for you if you fall into the second camp! Well for a fabulous party you need games to play. All our kids princess & pirate party boxes come with a games pack with all the instructions on how to play all the games and more importantly all the supplies you need to play the games. We provide a blindfold for the games that need it, gold coins for the treasure hunt, a box to place all the gold coins into once found, balloons for the games that need balloons, even the music to dance to.

All the supplies to play the games

What else do need with the games? The prizes! Our party boxes come with quality prizes for the children. The pass the parcel even comes wrapped up for you with instructions on whether it's a boys prize or a girls prize (so you know who needs to win!)

Quality party prizes

You also need to decorate the house and get your tableware organised. All our party boxes come with banners and balloons to make the house look fab and all the tableware you need. By tableware I mean plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, table confetti. As a parent myself I know that spillages happen so I also pop some spares in there too!

Decorations and tableware

So what do you do with the children once they have eaten. Well all our party boxes come with craft kits with lots of things for the children to make and do. We supply all the items to decorate on and all the items to decorate with; stickers, pom poms, glue, colouring pencils, glitter - everything

Things for the children to make and do

With our party boxes I would recommend that you play all the games (with the exception of the treasure hunt!) and then let the children eat their lunch. When the children are eating get another parent to hide the gold coins for the treasure hunt. Once they've eaten let them do the treasure hunt whilst you clear the table but leave the tablecloths on so that it keeps everything tidy for the craft activities. Once all the gold coins have been found the table will be cleared of food debris and you're ready to get the kids to sit down and make and do! I also pop in the party boxes instructions on how to make a treasure map. However I always exercise caution with this as it requires cold coffee and a hairdrier! Some parents prefer to hold onto and use on a rainy day.

When it's time to say goodbye every child goes home with a fantastic party bag brimming with goodies for them to enjoy when they get home.

Party bags for everybody to take home
So what do you think? Do you want another year of getting everything organised, trawling the internet and shops looking for prizes, games ideas, party bag fillers (not to mention putting the party bags together!)? Or do you think it's just easier to get in touch with me and let me do it all for you?

All you need to do is pop across to Life's A Celebration fill in how many princesses are coming and how many pirates and I'll do all the rest. Your party box will arrive at your door and you and all the children can enjoy all the fun.

Keep smiling my friends


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