Monday, 9 January 2012

A Guest On Monday - Alison Murray

Well good morning my friends! Today we launch our very first "A Guest On Monday". This is Alison Murray from We asked Alison to write some words on her baby gifts business so when you buy your baby shower party box from us you know where to look for the presents!!

Here's what she had to say,

"Maxine at Life's A Celebration approached me and asked if I'd like to do their very first guest blog. I've never done one before but felt quite excited about the prospect of sharing with others how I started up my business and how successful its become! 

I'm a single mum and became a Grand Mother at the grand old age of 39! 
When my daughter and her husband told me the news I was so excited!! and decided to move back from Spain. It was actually only 2 weeks before the baby was due to arrive when I moved back to England. As soon as I got back I set about organising the best Baby Shower I could possibly give my daughter!! I looked on line for lots of ideas and decided to try my hand at making her a nappy cake.
Everyone at the Shower wanted to know who did it & when I told them I did, my friends and family encouraged me to start up a business and that's how Lullaby Baby Gifts began, in July of 2009!

I got my very first order within a couple of weeks and I haven't looked back since! 

The next step was to create a website, to make more people aware that there are affordable, beautiful & unique baby gifts out there, that can't be bought on the high street.  I also wanted to add a little something different for my customers and so decided to offer a free gift wrap service with the option of sending the gift direct to the recipient. This service has gone down a treat and all that's needed from the customer is a personal message for the gift tag! 

As I mentioned, I like to offer my customers something a little different. So I  have just added a 'Hand Knitted by Nanny Murray"  range and the animal slippers are selling like hot cakes!!  
My Grand Daughter, Mylee has just sadly grown out of the biggest size I do, which is such a shame because they kept her feet so cozy warm and because they were so novel she loved wearing them.

I sell a lot of gifts for Baby Showers! Showers started off as an American idea but have become so popular here in the last couple of years! The Gift Sets/Baskets & Nappy Cakes I sell all came beautifully packaged and are my top sellers. 

Purchasing a gift from the website also takes all the stress out of hunting for a gift around all the shops.

So if you have a baby shower coming up to go to or a new arrival to buy for or quite simply want to buy something different for your own baby have a peek on our website;

If you're organising a Baby Shower then you must take a look at Life's A Celebration website - http:/  They are offering 20% their Baby Shower party boxes this month!! and of course you know where to come for the gifts!! ;-)

Hope you have enjoyed reading my very first blog. You can follow me on twitter @lullabybabygift for special offers and more!"

Well I hope you've enjoyed our 'A Guest on Monday'. If you would like to feature on here please email me on I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Keep smiling



  1. What a lovely idea to introduce someone who offers a complementary service to the celebration boxes! I always like hearing how people started their businesses ...


  2. Thanks Liz! It's a wonderful start to the 'A Guest on Monday' blog spot. It's a lovely piece! Always nice to hear good stories of people who start their own businesses.

  3. What a fabulous way to start a business! The website looks great and all the gifts are so affordable. I love the fact that you offer a gift wrap service too, as I live abroad I am forever looking for online shops that will wrap and send direct to the recipient for me.

    You have been bookmarked! ;o)


    Photo Fairy Designs

  4. That sounds like a lovely business. I'm at the in between stage at the moment, children too old to need nappy cakes and too young to be having babies... But when we get babies in the family I will be right there.....

  5. Thanks for the comments everybody. Hope you've all enjoyed reading about our "A Guest on Monday". Don't forget if you'd like to be "A Guest on Monday" then please drop me a line at

  6. What an inspiring story Alison and a great business, your story makes what we do as mums worth it! This is a great idea on guest blogging Maxine, and you too have a lovely business. I'll be gently staring my hubby and friends towards you to prepare for my 'surprise' birthday when I hit the big 40 soon!

  7. A 'surprise' birthday party sound fab! If your hubby wants to get you a fantastic party you now know where to point him!!!



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